Tuesday, March 23, 2010

International Ferry near Sullivan City Texas

This is the international Ferry located near Sullivan City, Texas. It cost 50 cents each way to cross from Texas to Mexico and back. The interesting thing about this ferry is that it is the only rope pulled ferry in the us. There were four men pulling the ferry across the rio grande. It didn't seem to take a lot of effort on their parts, but that's easy for me to say. It held three cars and then as many walkers as would fit. On the Mexico side there really wasn't anything to see. You can take a taxi to a small Mexican town that is about a mile and a half from the river. If you buy booze at the two duty free stores on the Texas side you need to carry it with you on the ferry and at least touch Mexican soil before bringing it back into Texas where you need to pay about a two dollar fee. The ferry was really quite busy with probably a dozen cars waiting to take the ferry. Most of the cars on both sides had Texas license plates but there were a few Mexican registered cars also. We went to the ferry with Marge and Mighty Janke. Didn't buy any booze as their sellection was very limited since it was the end of the season. After the riding the Ferry we stopped at Peppes on the River which is a popular restaurant/bar right on the Rio Grande. The whole time we were there, helicopters were constantly flying over looking for illegals trying to cross the Rio Grande.

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